Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm guessing majority of us use contact lenses --
Even if you have perfect eyesight, or very low power (like myself), coloured contact lenses can be useful to impress. ;) 
Whether it's a sultry misty grey, babydoll blue and green, or just a minor enhancement in neutral hazel, they make our eyes look just that slightly bit sexier.  
This awesome site: Glasses Online, makes it a whole lot cheaper and convenient to grab our hands on optical wear!  

Prices range at almost half price from outside pricing and an extensive range available.
They've even got these awesome supernatural ones! Might get a pair of myself and do a LOOK. ;)
Visit for your perfect pair. 

LOOK of the week:
So, I thought I'd try out something a lil' different -- 
Trust me, I don't wear polo tees very often. But the newsboy cap is awesome! Makes me look preppy, and I rarely do preppy. :) 
Floral newsboy cap / FABSPY 
Some random polo tee & highwaist denims

apologies for bad pic; didn't take a clear one this time

the cap gets hot after awhile though, now I know why I don't wear caps. Wouldn't be able to wear it for more than a few hours. 

Also this is random but:

Is this cute or what? xD Topshop. RM 23. 


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