Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Just in time for their latest update! :)
Prim white sundress is a must-have, criss-cross waist for the flirty, 
Elegant playsuits for the unconventional, 
And modern blouses for the futuristic ones. 
Price range as per usual


Perk it up, babes. 
MORE SALES on makeup :D 
All the palettes, brushes, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, gloss you need.
10% Storewide, special prices for some items. 

REDUCED PRICE for uber gorgeous and exclusively designed shoes.
'nuff said.
Ends tomorrow. 

So much class in this discreet, well-handled tote.
More colours available in-store.
RM 129

Cute baubles. :D
RM 59

Aside from the rest of the ultra-pretty clothing,
the stamped skull-print denim shorts is mind-blowingly-cool. 
Affordable price range

Recommended peek in-store. 
Colourful skater girl dresses, givenchy print skirts and studded shorts;
Bandeaus to wear with 'em transparent tanks, 
And other equally chic stuff
Uber affordable price range

Sizzling sexy. 
You've got lace, cleavage, and mini length. ;) 
All the right ingredients for a night out. 
RM 89

Juicing it up with neons and Dr. Martens.
Festival-friendly style. 
Off-white mini sleeveless dress, 
Graphic Ke$ha-die-young-triangle print smack at the centre.
Also in black.
RM 45

Cool-looking tic-tac-toe lines.
'nuff said.
RM 46

Genuine Zara overruns from factory.
Prices range at RM 100 ish. 

*check out their FB giveaway here*

Ankle boots, sleeveless white tank for a summer-friendly ensemble. 
It's pin-up preppy!
If dungarees aren't your thing, give this english-boarding-school pinafore skirt a try. 
Plunging V-neck strap with waist buttons,
Quaint buttons and slightly pleated flair skirt.
Fits M - L. 
RM 45

kiddings. but they do get hypnotizing after awhile. Neon stud blouse / RM 55 and awesome monochrome geometric skirts / RM 39

Quickie highlight: Chic baseball styled oversized tee / maroon ultra-long sleeves / RM 55

Quickie highlight: Stylenanda inspired cotton candy pink striped nautical knit dress / RM 69

To go with 'em studs and skull print tops. 
Crazy hot weather nowadays -
Hence the need for more highwaist shorts! :D 
Here in a unique acid wash treatment, 
As if it's been dunked in acid and giving a good grunge washing.
Sizes S and M available. 
RM 44
Laidback boho. 
Or we could have some starry-night knit shorts. :) 
Plus point for the use of unusually dark colours as opposed to the usual bright and bold tribal ones.
Sizes S and M available. 
RM 44

Brighten 'em up with neon heels or a neon clutch. 
I always feel that a good cut is sometimes more important than a good design. 
Here's one that looks pretty killer. ;) 
A simple crochet lace mini dress -- neither too formal nor too simple, 
Sporting fitted sleeves, slim boatneck and discreet back zipper.
RM 89

Quickie highlight: Funky ready stocks.  RM 39 - RM 51

Classy monochrome florals. 
Budding chrysanthemums in tattoo-like shading,
On a pearl white base in AudreyHepburn-styled dress or peplum top.
More work type dresses in-store. 
RM 69 / RM 55 

Casual laced blouse to pair with 'em pastel skinnies. 
Rounded Peter Pan collar and pearl-button closure, 
Upper half of crochet, bottom of chiffon.
Also in black.
RM 55

Quickie highlight: Eyelet tank and pastel jeans. Sweet. / RM 40 - RM 42

Oozing style even during your off days. 
Corporate casual in a self-tie collared blouse. 
Light and breathable cotton material.
Also available in other pastel shades.
RM 45

Sultry peek-a-boo knit top. 
Leaf inspired motif, 
Ultra long sleeves ending with knit cuffs.
RM 50

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I Want Bags

Removes the need for other charm bracelets. Practical, much. 
Expressive La Mer watches oozing with chic elegance. 
Leather cuffs given a ladylike flair thanks to the Midas touch of gold,
Furnished with star charms for the more playful. 
Ready stock.
RM 445
I Wear Sin

Summer pairing with basic skater girl skirts with a ballet finish. 
One of those really demure cropped tops. 
Overlay lace with embroidery detailing, 
Loose fit, thin crochet straps, falls in delicate layers.
RM 45 - RM 57

Quickie highlight: Monochrome fever / RM 70 ish

A selection of past-favourites. 
Grab 'em now if you missed it previously!
Affordable price range
Supermodel Wardrobe

Another round of awesome updates! 
Amazon warrior peplum corset set, mermaid scale tanks and geometric neons,
As well as lace peplum tube tops. :)
items as per usual run out of quick. good luck. 

The It Girl

Pairs nicely with 'em long swishy chiffon maxi skirts.
Itsy bitsy cropped top and matching pants. 
Think Katy Perry-california-girl sweet in muffin top and cupcake prints, 
In a serene shade of light beige. 
RM 45 / RM 69

Dungarees for the adventurous!
Wear 'em like you mean it with ol' school attitude. ;)
Inner bart simpson cropped tee also up for grabs.
RM 69 / RM 45

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La Rossa

A pretty extensive range of the European-designer-Zara-type inspired clothing. 
Sizes available, and pretty affordable pricing.
Quite like the selection here. :D
RM 50 - RM 70 ish 

Cocktail Evening

Sultry entrance for cocktails and dinner parties. 
This is femme fatale ala La Nikita. ;) 
Bustier cups, backless lace, and flowy chiffon fishtail. 
Think undercover spy-sexy. 
RM 75
because we're all romantic at heart~
And during the daytime -- 
Relax in romantic whimsy in a rose print skater girl dress. 
Overall loose fit and flirty mini length, 
In sunset orange or blushing pink hue.
RM 59

What's life without attitude? 
A distinguished version of the popular cat print dresses. ;) 
Sphinx-like and regal with bright blue eyes. 
Unique cutting as well -- high neck and sleeveless, 
Split up the knee. 
RM 65 
Always remain poised. 
The chevron-cut dress.
A lil' nice and a lil' naughty. ;) 
Plunging neckline and cut-out at the waist, 
Good to go for most occasions without looking too overdressed.
RM 89

More in-your-face awesome stuff:

Quickie highlight: Baroque print bodycon dress / RM 44.90


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