Wednesday, May 8, 2013

La Rossa

Newly discovered chic jumpsuits: in summer lace or elegant peplum,
Also see empress tribal maxi and deluxe lace skater girl dress.
Wide collection of the European design inspired pre-order. 
Prices range at RM 60 - RM 80

Rock and Studs

Absolutely adore the collection :)
More unique accessory choices than the usual that we see, 
All the glitz and glam, with hints of princess punk.
RM 35 onwards

Quickie highlight: Assymetrical wraped skirt / RM 75 ; Stud leggings / RM 59 ; Basic chiffon rainbow tanks / RM 45
Grunge Creep

Cool-looking sneakers. 
Swarovski crystals or creepers! 
FREE POSTAGE for all DA readers :)
Pre Order ends 20th May /
Price range - RM 80 -  RM 190

The It Girl

Seems like most of us are still looking for 'em GEEK tees:
Here they are!
Deliciously cropped in black, white and green; also in NERD statements. 
American Apparel highwaist skinnies also up for grabs as well as chic denim dungarees. 
RM 45 / RM 75

Bring on the smokey eyeshadow and dark red lips. ;)
Goth bone / rib cage bodycon dress. 
Love it. 
RM 65

Chunky wedges and bangle layering to add character. 
Simplistic and flirty. :)
High neckline and cut-in shoulders,
Overall loose and relaxed fit to wear with tight bottoms.
Colourblocking with candy shades!
RM 32

A contemporary twist to your usual blouses with added sleekness. 
Effortless style for more sunny days ahead. 
Relaxed fit with slits across the arm and elongated back length.
Cooling polyester material.
Available in refreshing lime or coral. 
RM 53
Seventeen Origins

Been highlighting so many striped tights -
Here are some diamond print ones instead, similar treatment. :)
Price unstated

Still stripes - but fashioned in an ol' school knee length, semi-highwaist form.
Price unstated

Also see:

Go all the way and rock 'em studs with a biker jacket thrown over the shoulders. 
This has destructive love spelt all over it. ;) 
Beautifully sassy with the playsuit cutting and almost-backless back, 
Skull x roses print in a canvas of rose red. 
Fits petites.
RM 66
Paired with shocking neons for a futuristic edge.
Cropped tweed blouses exuding girly chic. 
You've got bits of sparkle, flower blooms and an almost cleavage-baring teardrop neckline.
RM 39

Also see:

Because cultured neons look good. 
Baroque-like design with the tropical cut-outs, 
Fluorescent neon yellow as secondary shade. :)
Two-piece; feel free to mix and match!
RM 62 per set

Lots of basic stuff at uber affordable prices :)
Not to mention on-going clearance sale! 
Worth the check out. 

I Want Bags

Limited edition Longchamp Le Pliage.
RM 1020

*recommended looksee in-store for more*

Love how it's paired with a strong buckle belt for extra toughness. 
The relaxed paperbag skirt. 
In jolting bright red. ;)
RM 45

Both equally chic items:
Leaf knit sweater / RM 38
Awesome looking vintage shorts. 

And here's a hefty dose of rainbow colours for you: 

Loud yet minimalist.
Clutch bags that look luxuriously plushy. 
In lots of bright colours. :) 
RM 79 / RM 69

Just some popular favourites:
Bart Simpson denim shorts / RM 55
GEEK long shirt / RM 33
Houndstooth blouse / RM 40


To be paired with all 'em highwaisted gear.
Cropped tops for the daredevils. 
Studded neckline with an ultra-smexy low U-back, 
Or retro in a structured polka dot halter piece.
RM 45 / RM 49

Tip: Always get versatile necklaces to mix and match with several type of combo's. 
Pwetty chunky necklaces to choose from. :)
Goth classy ala Jennifer Lawrence at the MET Gala in sharp crystals and blackened metal,
Or day-time elegance in milk white teardrop pearls.
RM 32 / RM 33

Rawking it with monochrome. 
Been seeing these mime striped pants everywhere! 
They'll do wonders in giving an illusion of mile-long legs. ;) 
Embossed cropped top also up for grabs.
RM 46 / RM 49
Cocktail Evening

Work days made fun. 
Exude a chic marina babe aura with this nautical piece. 
Colour blocks on a glove-fit cutting makes a killer combo! 
Particularly like the pop of colour on the waist. ;)
Sizes S and M available ; padded at the shoulders.
RM 69
Particularly suitable for the voluptuous. 
Or sizzle your way across the dance floor with this LBD. ;) 
Laced sleeves and upper back, plunging neckline.
Sexy on heels. 
RM 45

Sleek and un-fussy. 
More party dresses! In case you need a wardrobe refreshing.
Slice and dice in toga and peek-a-boo mesh.
Standard lycra fit, also available in black.
RM 59

Bring on the neon brights! 
Absolutely love how sassy this is. ;)
Rad and psychedelic with 'em bright neons and matrix design. 
Stunning and most definitely a head-turner.
Also in pink. 
RM 55 (currently sold out ; unsure if restockable)

Because it's the little details which count. 
Back-to-basic bodycon skirts. 
Peacock designed and uber cute! 
Intricate stitching details in repetitive patterns, 
With an option in bright pink raindrops. 
RM 30

Retro cropped bustiers!
Yellow looks especially refreshing :) 
RM 45
Room 2208

Wear it cheeky with bikini tops or bandeau inners. 
Long live summer-fun crochet tops! 
Here in a healthy banana-yellow knitted yarn, 
With a design akin to 'em roman-built monuments. 
Also in violet. 
RM 40
With ripped denims and fipper slippers for a cool coffee afternoon break. 
And as seen in IHF - 
A basic tunic crochet tank. 
Low neckline for plenty of cleavage peek, 
And reasonably long in length and casually loose.
RM 35


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