Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sporty chic meets nautical drama in this Korea-imported collection.
Baseball caps and colour-blocking galore,
With bits of neons and pastels to soften the androgynous look.
RM 60ish price range

Quickie highlight: Ladylike culotte playsuit / RM 69 ; Highwaist denims / RM 52

Side-boob sexy.
All that sass and drama.
Also available in black.
RM 45

SYLENANDA lashes peeps.
The Doll-like Lashes are especially delicate - alternative fuller and thinner lashes. :)
Price unstated

Just their usual round of pieces which make you go ooh-la-la.
As if we haven't had enough retail therapy :(
Now go take a look!
Affordable price range

Bargain hunters!
More items up on SALE. 
RM 30 - RM 40

Far more modern compared to 'em denim ones, me thinks. 
Pastel mint dungarees.
This is nice. :) 
Suede material. 
RM 59

Brilliant. Looks like you're carrying cocktail concoctions wherever you go. 
So this is interesting! 
Clear and coloured glass brick clutches.
Taking pre-orders in black/white as well as coloured versions.
RM 88

Possibly fun to experiment with those printed socks. 
Things just get funkier, don't they?
RM 99

And along the same vein -
Ready stock.
RM 79
*recommended looksee in-store for lots of girly girl/work dresses*

Hug-me knit material. 
If you've yet to get yourself that baseball jacket -
This may be a good time get one. ;) 
Loving the slight preppy influence and dainty yarn touch. 
Colour blocking and striped elements retained for a sporty outlook.
RM 42
Futuristic; complement with makeup and accessories which make you look like you came from the future. 
Coloured jewels. 
Cross emblem and sci-fi pointed shoulders.
RM 48

Left is rather cheeky with the wide straps; Right more sultry with the thin straps. 
Curvaceous floral bustiers. 
Two designs as above sporting a : Sweetheart neckline and structured seam cups. 
One in cotton the other in satin. 
RM 45 / RM 49

Need that attitude, love. 
Not sure how these work, but the caged suspenders look pretty cool. ;D 
Adds an element of punk-rock to the whole thing.
Paired with a basic cropped top - available in multiple colours.
RM 39 / RM 35

Not to be missed:

Can't go wrong with this on a lazy day, right? 
Basic long fit tee / mini-dress. 
Comfy, sporty, practical. 
Also available in black, blue, grey, white, yellow.
RM 29

Funky rabbits steal the show. 
Collared simplicity. 
Poly fabric in classic white and cuffed sleeves, 
Pointed collar and don't-mess buttoned front. 
And the mirror-image rabbit print of course. 
RM 59
Stylishly minimalist. 
Exuding laidback casual.
Baseball-tees influenced design with the striped body and block-white half sleeves, 
Too-cool-for-you longer back hemline, 
And of long-sleeves to suit multiple personalities.
Back-order / RM 59

Fit for a modern-day-princess (living in the city). 
Sophisticated and oh-so-feminine. 
Rosette upper half and conjoined highwaist skirt in contrast jewel tones. 
Neatly bound together with the ribbon sash, 
Killer fit to accentuate an hourglass figure. ;)
RM 69
Just because oversized shirts are sexy. 
In white, cobalt blue, emerald green and black.
RM 49

Quickie highlight: Midi skirt is uber cute/ladylike! / RM 59 (Sizes XS - XL available)

Cue the bright shades and smiles-all-around. 
Sometimes we go back to the things we love. 
Like flirty skater girl skirts. ;) 
Here is peachy yellow and cherry red,
Textured material, bouncy pleats, and exposed back zipper.
RM 43

Also see blood-racing stripes material:

Love leotards - no fuss about tucking 'em in and worrying that the tucked in part creates a visible line. 
It's 50's flower power! 
Blooming florals on a black base, 
Modern leotard cutting with cap sleeve and slightly dipped U-back.
Cute and easy-to-wear.
RM 79
New fashion trend: contrast patterns. 
Bringing to life a decadent nautical edge. 
Marine blue/white stripes to a simple cap sleeve mini dress, 
Luxe baroque-influenced detailing to the sides. 
Polyester with inner lining. 
RM 79
*dungarees in-store as well!*

Probably a tad too sexy for me, but throw on a sleek looking blazer for a chic-looking add on.
You know it'll be a slinky night affair. ;)
Slip-on rompers in a scandalous cut-out back - plenty of exposure going around. 
Otherwise slightly loose fit cutting,
Comfy fit with adjustable straps and structured seams. 
RM 58
Your mother's mum would be proud. 
Vintage highwaist denims in light blue. 
Mid-rise and skinny fit.
Sizes S and M available. 
RM 69

Pair with sleek-cut bottoms to balance proportions. 
A cropped top made to flatter. ;) 
Flared tunic cutting and high neckline, 
Such a happy poofy effect whilst the delicate prints scores top points. 
Looking equally good in black or light pink. 
RM 40
Handy for layering or sexy on its own. 
Basic cropped sleeveless singlets. 
5 colours available. 
RM 25

Dinner events, perhaps? Blends in without attracting too much attention. Bump it up a class with an embellished necklace. 
Casual elegance done beautiful. 
Layers of chiffon with sheer lantern sleeves and towards the ankles, 
Whilst the bodice detailing gives a polished finish.
Apple green looking fresh. ;)
RM 129

A sizeable range of accessories - designs as these familiar looking ones.
Prices start at RM 8. 


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