Friday, June 14, 2013

Sorry, babes :( been ultra busy. 
First week settling in into my new job (law internship) and started with BBC Sherlock (BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!),
Whilst in the dating scene (the usual complicated stuff)
But, everything else is good. :) 
More updates to come now that I've got most things settled. 

Kiss and Tell

Exude a cool-Zara vibe matched with a chiffon blouse and gold accessorizing. 
Ahh~ such lovely spring time floral shorts. :) 
Nude coloured canvas, 
Vividly painted blooms with a paintbrush effect.
Tailored cutting and fit looking good.
Sizes S - L available. 
RM 59
Something a lil' more adventurous from the usual selection at Vincci. 
More summer fun wrapped in peep-toe heels! 
Rainforest themed in cherry red and fern-like patterns, 
Gradient effect with different hues of the same colour is a nice touch. :) 
A stunning piece that'll definitely be turning heads. 
RM 149

Vixen red to knock 'em out. 
An exclusively manufactured piece by Twenty3 -- the infinity dress. 
Quality spandex material with lining underneath.
Backless bra is a must, I think for these type of pieces. 
See the video here
RM 69
A Spoonful of Clothes
*see rompers in-store as well!*

These make hot pants look decent; an effortless laidback chic in the making. 
One of those totally chill-out and casual tee. :) 
Not-too-fierce animal print, 
Vivid yellow eyes and eyelash effects for all we feline lovers! 
Loose fit for everyday-wear. 
RM 29
Good girls gone wild; just for the night. 
Something you'd have worn to Dash Berlin, perhaps. ;) 
Psychedelic Kenzo-like neon coloured fierce tiger print. 
Uber funky with the diamonds -- kinda like a scene out of a Kesha music vid.
In black and white, though the colours look more striking with the black.
RM 39 *stonewashed studded shorts going for RM 59*

Glossy Addiction

Quaint padlock touch. 
Furla Laila inspired. 
This is minimal done to high-fashion perfection. 
Stylish trims that complement the base colour with a lush leather texture to it, 
Devoid of studs and too many zippers to keep things beautifully simple.
Equally gorgeous in midnight or beige. 
RM 70
Ultra convenient and equally fashionable. 
For the rockstars who live in a non-so-rockstar life - 
An almost-corporate-friendly tote with the crinkly texture detail, 
Whilst the organized mini studded front keeps things elegant.
Opt for the detachable gold entwined chain for a heightened edgy feel. 
RM 65

Serious cuteness coupled into one. 
A sleek belted playsuit with retro elements. 
Structured pleats over the bodice with an A-line type flare to the skirt. 
Hidden back zipper and slightly fitting overall.
Also available in light pink; polyester chiffon material. 
RM 69
A striking piece that'll rawk with neon-bold accessories/makeup. 
Pom-pom geometrical print skirts. 
Looks slightly batik-y with the horizontal patterns and vibrant colour. 
Elastic waistband, poofy flare. 
RM 59


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