Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Labelled
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Boxy Doctor bags and matching high-cut sneakers make a Lookbook worthy ensemble. 
One of those pretty summertime dresses :) 
Cut-outs at the waist and back for designer styling, 
Demure enough with its demure almost-knee length and comfortable fit. 
Silk-like material; inner lined. 
RM 89
Look fresh in clean white boyfriend blouses and simplistic flats. 
Looking girly in a daisy print A-line skirt.
The sky blue is especially dainty. :)
of cotton polyester. 
RM 52
I Want Bags

RM 480 / RM 550


An electrifying update of all things neon. ;)
Wearing a bright neon necklace would probably be too bold for me -
So this is where awesome cuffs like these come in handy! 
Not-too-discreet and adds a jolting flavour to any simple coloured ensemble.
Price range: RM 11 - RM 20

Minimalist in white or black; adventurous with a matching neon dress/blouse/bottom. 
Delicious love at first sight. 
All the coloured gems and rubies; 
Beautifully placed along a transparent clutch. 
One of those instances where its beauty over practicality. 
RM 89

Also like these amazon-type pre-order pieces:

screams fun and cheeky. 
Or for something funky - 
Lip envelope clutch; especially in bubblegum pink. ;)
RM 69

Also see:

Quickie highlight: Isabel Marant inspired wedge sneakers in futuristic silver / RM 89 inclusive postage

Chic Kiss Love

Marketplace to shop at SG-based blogshops ;)
Free shipping to Malaysia. 

because bikini thongs are too mainstream. 
Limited edition vintage swim wear. 
High waist bottoms. ;)
RM 85

see more designs in-store. 
And more funky ones available here :D
RM 79

Also updated with these corset-styled cinderella dresses:

IHF Malaysia

When clothes tell a story. 
Ushering sunshine with beautiful blooms and ditsy floral prints! 
Fashioned unto girly rompers, cheeky short dresses and just a touch of Aztec
Whilst we're destined to fly in multicoloured swallow prints on a prim white skater girl dress. 
Finished with a woven leather rainbow backpack. 
Perfect for summer.
Price range as per usual 

Also spoilt for choice with a whole range of pinafores:

Great coverup for the beach or with plain matching-coloured bottoms. 
Uber pwetty! 
A breathtaking combination of crochet and rose. :) 
Tight fit bandeau styling over the boobs, 
And flowy babydoll chiffon printed material. 
RM 55

For the purists. 
Minimalist lines and stripes. 
Given a coloured dose of funk with the contrast colour. 
Simple but far from ordinary. ;)
Stylize with anything from plain bottoms to bold bottoms. 
RM 35 / RM 45

The perfect boho canvas: with boots or wedges, feathers and soul. 
An airy chiffon mini dress for the light-hearted and carefree babe. 
Double layered, wide neckline and demure long sleeves. 
Available in innocent beige-white or emerald green. 
RM 53
Layer to your heart's content. ;)
It's that time of the year for vacations! 
The crochet vest makes a comeback in a comfy tank version. ;)
Fully transparent.
RM 39

Class it up with sleek-looking bottoms and touches of metallic. 
Channel LV-inspired pop-art designs.
Checkered boards and loud floral blooms - 
packaged in a neat collared blouse. :)
Cute stuff. 
RM 39

Or casual neon brights for everyday wear.
RM 39

Strong and sexy. 
If there's one thing I absolutely love -
It's those Harley-type-military-chic jackets. 
Here in dark green or a more feminine beige shade. 
Complete with studs, oversized pockets, and shoulder lapels. 
RM 75

Personally love the effortlessly sleek-looking material. 
A knockout in shimmer disco shorts.
knicker-styled. ;) becareful of butt-cheek-exposure!
See more shades in-store. 
RM 69

And patterned creepers:

Quickie highlight: An assortment of fond favourites. Particularly quirky mickey mouse print and bart angel highwaist denims! 

Quickie highlight: Supre items on sale. Price range RM 50 + ish. 


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