Monday, July 8, 2013

Salam Ramadhan to my Muslim readers! :) 
Utmost respect for those fasting - and may we all find some sort of inner peace this month, eh? 
I've had way too much drama for myself lately.

And that being said, 
Milktee's Ramadhan promo as below --
I've always liked their fresh and clean apparel pickings, and their recent foray into gorgeous bags as well. ;)
Affordable price range

This is uber awesome! 
Those pre-order type shoes we see around - but they have a wide selection of READY STOCK.
Great if you just want to test out the quality for future purchases :) 
Of note, creepers and those jelly Dr. Martens look-a-like.
Affordable price range at RM 50 - RM 60ish

Quickie highlight: So, I'll be in Cambodia when they update (today, Friday, 3pm). Don't miss it! Looking like lots of girly dresses in tranquil blue! 


Exclusively manufactured pieces. definitely one-of-a-kind. 
Retro-styled bikinis! 
Taking a cue from Topshop designs with highwaist bottom and regular bandeau bust. ;)
Multiple cheeky prints available,
Ranging from Aztec, polka, and Ms. USA.
RM 79


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