Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Chic Sac

Going for incredibly affordable prices - some probably below market value.
Price range:
All wallets - RM 399
All accessories - RM 299
Bags - Under RM 499 and RM 599

Quickie highlight: Dior organza shorts and fairytale bralet ; denim skinnies and multiple colours.

reflective sunnies!
Wouldn't you like some funky shades to keep the sunlight out? ;p
See more choices in-store. 
RM 25 - RM 29

So, who's going for Linkin Park and Metallica?! 
Rock-designer-inspired cuffs to have you on the top. ;)
RM 12 - RM 20

The It Girl

It's the awesome AWE-gust pre-order!
189 photos in the album - 
A good mix of Stylenanda and high street brand inspired stuff. 
Have fun browsing through. ;) 
*psst* Pineapple pink shorts = win. 
Affordable price range

Nineteen Boutique

This online boutique comes highly recommended! 
Mix and match booby-enhancing bralets in dainty florals or mighty Aztec
Swoon-worthy corset swinging dresses,
And American Apparel highwaist jeggings in rainbow pastel shades. ;)
Affordable price range 

Cocktails and Martinis

Shorty shorts to show off 'em mile long legs. 
Was just unpacking from Singapore and doing a lil' bit of spring cleaning - and realized that I have at least 20 pairs of shorts! (half of which I rarely rare)
Doesn't stop me from wanting this though. :D 
Totally Zara sleek with the seamless stitching and belt hoops,
Leather pocket trim adds that bit of edge. 
Also in black; sizes S and M available. 
RM 49 
One can't afford blouses at RM 100+ from high street brands all the time right? 
Sweet and girly in organza silk material, 
Oriental inspired floral design and sheer shoulders. :)
Loose fit - looking good tucked in or left hanging.
Checks all the boxes! 
RM 49

Panda? :D
Exuding a minimalist stance -- 
This duo-toned top is tres' cool. 
Has to be long sleeved and slouchy of course. ;)
Cotton. (tagged Zara)
RM 46 
With Urbanscapes coming up -- you have to have a festival skirt! 
(maybe not so practical in white)
but still pwetty :) 
Not too poofy, decorated with romantic eyelet and inner lined.
RM 65

Also see:

Dare to wear with neon coloured bras and Dr. Martens. 
More festival-friendly tops. 
Crochet fringe comfy tank --
'nuff said. ;)
RM 49

Wear it cool with embellished sandals and vintage accessorizing. 
Knee-length maxis for total laidback chic. 
Particularly like the abstract feather print :)
Note also the shorter sleeve length and high round U-neck.
Hidden back zipper. 
RM 52
Talk about funky. ;)
The modern day Pocahantas. 
A lil' Pestle-and-Mortar-ish with the coloured striped sleeve ends and the funky front pocket.
Features a fully striped back. 
RM 38 

And never short of demure dresses:

Working sporty chic with casual drawstring shorts and your fave pair of sneakers.
Ice-cream flavoured slouchy sweaters. 
Comfy knit material, slightly sheer.
RM 42

Quickie highlight: Flirty skater girls skirts in black, white, red and blue. 

Quickie highlight: Beautifully structured skater girl dresses in traffic-stopping ruby shades. Top notch quality / RM 69

A slim non-obvious belt and basic pumps would be best to avoid too many elements screaming for attention. 
Playing with graphic tones and mesh. 
One-piece dress featuring checkers or stripes, 
With a patterned tutu knee-length skirt.
Definitely a conversation starter. ;)
RM 55

Finding clubbing dresses can be such a chore sometimes - 
Here's one that a lil' of a no-brainer :) 
Sexy bustier for cleavage, short in-length and Herve Leger inspired. 
Stretchable back.
RM 55

Another party dress -- 
Stylish criss-cross dress with a mini length.
Also in pastel orange, maroon red and black.
Sizes S and M available. 
RM 69
*all prices inclusive of shipping*

An elegant piece. Wear with an A-line skirt or slim trousers. 
Opt for a unique peplum blouse with this exclusively manufacture piece. 
A delicate wool-blend design that's perfectly fit (sizes XS - XL available)
Swirly lace-like design with a structured cut. 
Also available in white. 
RM 55

And speaking of trousers - 
Here's a pair that's made to flatter. ;)
Semi-highwaist, precisely tailored as seen above.
Fits like a charm. 
RM 65 (also available in red, black and purple) 

See their chic stripes collection : 

Another note-worthy peplum piece --
Dorothy Perkins inspired with the side lace detailing. :)
Contrast panelling also gives rise to a slimmer waist.
Structured cut with pearl back closure. 
RM 40

Style and edge morphed into one. 
Laser-cut shift dress. 
Intricate baroque-esque pattern with sharp cap sleeves, 
Enhances an hourglass figure. ;)
Opt for deep blue for a more regal appearance.
RM 65
*enter PHAT5BDAY for 15% off!*

Can't go wrong with an LBD. 
Everyone loves dark romance. ;)
Sultry pickings of midnight dresses.
See above.
Affordable price range


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