Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Is everyone ENJOYING the long weekend? :D
It's only Friday! Oh~ the life of feeling chilled. 
And Selamat Hari Raya to all celebrating as well. 

LOOK of the week:
Cut-in blouse in deep red / Supermodel Wardrobe
Cream crochet summer shorts / Su-Estilo
If you have a basic pair of semi highwaist shorts in black and white - you could conquer SO many looks. :) super chic and mix and match is such a breeze. 
Finishing of both pieces are top notch - sleek with hidden zippers. 

(psst: I'm a big fan of stand-up comedy :))

Such pwetty detailing!
So I haven't done a LOOK in awhile -- been pretty busy with the travels / full-time / part-time work and everything else in between. 
Uber excited to watch Phantom of the Opera this weekend in Singapore though! 
And because I work from 9am - 5pm now, 
even less reason to experiment more with clothes :( all formal-y stuff now. 

Here's something over the weekend - 
Crochet cropped blouse from The Labelled
Diva necklace and Topshop highwaist dark green shorts. 
Also a floral grass green buster underneath. 
Going for more easy-going with the summer white blouse and standard shorts.
Worn also with one of those oversized baseball jackets for a laidback/less exposed feel. 
click for clearer view of the blouse :)


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